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I help beginners LEVEL UP in Yoga poses without wasting the POTENTIAL they have and YEARS of practice.

SOLAR Challenge - selection of the best 42 Vinyasa Yoga classes by Ha-My

Who is this for?

SOLAR Challenge is for YOU if you want to UNLOCK the true strength inside you which has always been ¨potential¨. If you want to understand how your BODY moves to make the most effective and healthy movements - this is for you. 


SOLAR Challenger will work with me from Day 1 - Sun Salutation with awareness on the SOLAR Plexus energy in your core - to more and more challenges that build up in a smart way to LEVEL UP smoothly. 

Listen to my SOLAR Challengers

Katriina V.


SOLAR Challenge helped me move away from just focusing on how a pose looks to thinking about where I am feeling it. I became more focused on the “journey” rather than just the outcome. Even if I can’t do a pose today, doesn’t mean I’m not benefiting from trying.

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Kim G.


My is the most authentic, supportive, and fun yoga teacher I've met in a while! I have been to her regular classes for 2 years and then did the SOLAR Challenge. Her focus is on physicalities and building a great fundament. She made me do poses by building up different poses to master it.

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Ngoc K.


I've been going to different Yoga studios in the last 5+ years, but SOLAR Challange by HaMyYoga is the one that actually deliver RESULTS. I learned so much about anatomy and how to approach poses correctly without hurting my body. Her 42 Yoga class plan is a game changer for my consistency and improvement! Highly recommend for both beginners and advanced yogis!

Registration to SOLAR Challenge by HaMyYoga

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I am looking for suitable participants for my SOLAR Challenge program - a collection of my best 42 Vinyasa Yoga classes (60+ minutes each).

See if you qualify by answering these simple questions. It will take only 1 minute, and no commitment until now.