Are you ready to take SOLAR CHALLENGE: 

- Do 42 Yoga classes - 42 of my BEST Vinyasa classes

- Learn 100+ Yoga poses through logical Vinyasa flows, many poses are RARELY seen in ANY normal Yoga class.

- Understand embodied movement & anatomy to REINFORCE your own STRENGTH & IMPROVE your own WEAKNESS?

- Get ALL the KEYS to a safe and effective practice of Yoga Asana. Say NO to injuries and see results FAST.


I'm My (HaMyYoga) and I'm very proud to present this Yoga course to you. I have sold this course to 50+ people around the world, many of them haven't even done any Yoga before. 

To me, there is no right or wrong in the way one does Yoga poses. There is only WHY - and I will make you understand so thoroughly why you should do certain things for the benefits of yourself.


It takes GREAT determination to finish 42 Yoga classes. Let me be frank to you: only 10% COMPLETED the CHALLENGE, and Tam (USA) said it was ¨the biggest life achievement since PhD¨

The others are still doing, step by step. Because for only a very limited time, you can get LIFETIME ACCESS with only ONE payment in this course. So everyone else is still on their way to finish line - no rush, Yoga is not a competition.


But I will help you go as far as you can on this challenge.

- You can do SOLAR Challenge anywhere, anytime.

Accessible from: App for mobile-phone, PC, Laptop, Tablet & TV

- Build up your own Yoga space at home - I will GIVE you 2 CORK blocks (highest quality block material now) and 1 Yoga strap for COMPLETELY FREE, no extra fee.

- Facebook group to write down your own experience.

- Q&A with me about your progress via chat or video call! 


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Are you ready to set foot on this journey? Or send it to a friend as a gift?

SOLAR Challenge - 42 Vinyasa Yoga classes



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