This Christmas, give your family a Private Yoga class from Ha My Yoga


I will design a Yoga class suitable for your family needs and I will make sure everyone will perform at least 80% of the Yoga class and feel awesomely stretched & reset afterward.

You know how it feels after my Yoga class, don't you?


  • Duration: 60 minutes Yoga class + 15 minutes Savasana
  • Price: 868 SEK - but for this Christmas only, insert coupon 686 to get Private Yoga at only 686 SEK!
  • (6 and 8 stand for Prosperity and Development in my culture)
  • How many can attend: Private class supposed to be limited to 1-3 people, but for this Christmas only, AS MANY AS YOUR FAMILY HAS.
  • Place: I will come to your place (in my best health condition)
  • Time: On agreement


What do you want to do?

Powerful Yoga to burn the extra calories you will eat?

or Super Twist to reset your lazy spine?

or Stretch Yoga to take the back pain away? (after hours of binge watching Netflix)

or Mellow Flows - the whole family relax together

or a special Yoga class for your neck / back / low back / hips


Wish, and I will give it to you!



(I may require travel expenses depends on how far you are away from me)




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