Use Props to do Triangle Pose for Yoga beginners - Uthita Trikonasana

Isn't Triangle Pose a brother of Pyramid Pose? Now in Triangle Pose, you feel the stretch at the inner thigh too. There is also a little twist in the spine in Triangle Pose.

Triangle Pose is very popular in Yoga classes nowadays. I love this pose because it not only stretches the leg: hamstring & inner thigh, but also an awesome stretch at the side of the torso. However, also because the pose stretches these parts out, it's hard for stiff people to hold Triangle Pose putting their hand on the floor. The first option for stiff people then is to bend the front knee just a little bit, enough to still feel the stretch without all the intense feeling.

Or keep your front knee straight but lift your torso up and put your lower hand on a block, instead of on the floor.

Many Yoga beginners are stiff on the side of the body. Then they can do Triangle Pose at even a higher position with their hand on their thigh instead of on the block. This is already stretchy for someone, and a great start for your Yoga journey. As you do Triangle Pose over and over again, and as you gain flexibility in other Yoga poses too, you can go deeper.

Try doing Triangle Pose in Yoga without putting your hand on anything. Keep your arms around your face, or hold a strap. Now, you are not only stretching but also building strength in one side of the body and on the leg too.

Beware of hyperextension in the knee joint of the front leg in Triangle Pose. That's when your leg is no longer ¨straight¨, but bending in the opposite direction. If you are very flexible and tend to have hyperextension in the joints, my suggestion is that if you raise both arms over your head, micro bend your knee to bring your knee out of the unstable position.


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