Where Can You Buy The Cheapest Yoga Mat?

In Malmö, and maybe also in all over Sweden.

I like affordable stuff and I love to find out how to do things at the lowest price and highest standard possible. If you pay attention, you will see that many things in life are actually not so important that you have to pay a lot for it. Of course, if you have a lot of money, you can buy anything you like. However, to me, a Yoga mat is the least important thing in practicing Yoga. It really plays such a tiny roll. The reason why I need a Yoga mat when I do Yoga is so that my knees and elbows and bones won't hurt pressing into the hard ground. If you are like me, then a basic piece of Yoga mat is what you need.

I'm going to present 3 places you can get a cheap Yoga mat in order of price:

Bobo the cat on Casall the mat

3. STADIUM Outlet

I'm a big fan of STADIUM. Right now STADIUM Outlet offers basic Yoga mats from brands Casall, Benefit or Refit for 120kr. Refit Yoga mat at this price is 8mm thick- that's quite thick! Generally, STADIUM Outlet offers out-of-fashioned products, or low-cost brands, or special offers, so you can always find economical sportswear here.

Have a look:


Surprise! It's not even a sports store. However, RUSTA offers the cheapest Yoga mat I have seen, for only 40kr 😲. Of course, it's a very basic mat, only 3,5mm thick. They do have other thicker mats at 100kr, 159kr and cork mat 199kr.

Link to RUSTA:

1. FREE Yoga mat

How?! Well, I have noticed that many people own a Yoga mat at home but never use it, maybe because they don't train at home, and they train at a place that offers mats already.

Or they have a mat but they upgrade into a beautiful, expensive mat.

If you happen to know them just when you need a whatever Yoga mat, such coincident!! (he-he-he 😉)

Anyway, some personal experience, I don't use Yoga mat when I teach Yoga at all.

In my precious time training and teaching Yoga at OM Factory in Hanoi, Vietnam, I was trained to NOT use ¨the Yoga teacher space¨ in the class. We avoid sitting in a fixed mat and perform poses like such a performer, we as Yoga teachers, stand up and walk around the class to check everybody, give options or support, or adjustments when needed.

But I still bring my mat to my Yoga classes because if you don't have a mat, or you forget it somewhere, you can use mine!

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