Why did I start 50KR Yoga classes?

(It will become 75KR starting from February 2020 though, BUT, please read through the end!)

I am an extrovert person and I get energy from socializing with people. I love teaching big group Yoga classes because they energize me. I don't mind teaching small groups or private classes at all. But it gets me excited with a crowd. My ¨ideal¨ Yoga class would be me and many people doing powerful Vinyasa Yoga sequences at a slow pace on spiritual New Age music with heavy slow drums and deep bass. That's how I practice Vinyasa Yoga at home but on my own.

I like a big group, a community. After all, humans are social animals that bound into communities.

When I first moved to Sweden, I left a community of Yogi friends, Yoga teachers, and Yoga studios in Hanoi. I was without a community, and I wanted to belong to some. That was when I came up with the idea of ¨an affordable weekly Yoga class, with no string attached¨ so that I can meet new Yogi friends. Everyone (who wants to do Yoga) is welcomed, pay as they come, no need to book, no commitment to a long term membership. Having worked with professional studios, I understand that long term membership means a commitment to the studio. However, as a no-one, I wanted to present myself and my Yoga classes in the easiest way possible for people to come on a kind-of-regular basis, which I meant come back after the first time.

Then came my first 50KR Yoga classes.

I registered a company and pay the tax for this Yoga teaching activity because to me, Yoga is not only practice. It's a serious job that I train for, and I prepare (almost) every Yoga class I deliver. However, I am lucky that I don't have to pay the bills for now, and that's very lucky because I can really enjoy doing it without the stress of earning money.

And the activity has been rewarding me with a lot of new Yogi friends who support me. A new community! I truly hope that we can have more activities together in the new year 2020 and in the future.

However, I would also like to introduce a raise in price (ooooooooohh) starting from February 2020. A single Yoga class will cost 75KR, instead of 50KR.

HOWEVER again, you can do Yoga regularly and get the class pass.


- 5 Yoga classes for 300KR in 3 weeks

- 10 Yoga classes for 500KR in 6 weeks

- You can share the classes with friends

- I can provide a receipt for your Health allowance

- I will keep track by ticking in your class pass

- If for any reason I can't teach a Yoga class, your pass will be extended.

- Non-refundable

From 2020, I will have 3 Vinyasa Yoga classes per week.

- Saturday 10-11: Torpgatan 21, Malmö

- Wednesday 18-19: Ribevägen 15-17, Dammfri, Malmö

- Friday 18-19: Ribevägen 15-17, Dammfri, Malmö

I hope it's fair enough and will motivate you to do more Yoga!

I have been doing Yoga everyday, and it feels good.