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What do you want to practice today?

Strengthen & Stretch Your Hips

14 mini Yoga classes to strengthen and stretch muscles of your lower body. Learn how your hip joints work.

warrior 2

Flow Like No One's Looking

Just imagine you are moving like water, and flow through Vinyasa Yoga classes with music.

wild thing

Full Body Flexibility

Full body stretching Yoga classes to let go of the tightness holding up in your body.

side stretch

Weak Core Gone Strong

8 mini Yoga classes to discover layers of Core. Strengthen your cores and discover the strength from the center of your body.

mountain climber

Basic Sun Salutations: 
Boost Yourself

Go back to basics and do the Sun Salutations with modifications that easily adapt to your body and get that warmth and glow afterward!

down dog

Refreshing Spine

Short Yoga classes to move your spine in twists, backbends, side bends, and forward bends to refresh and rejuvenile your spine!

wide leg forward bend twist
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