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MALMÖ, SWEDEN - Working for corporates, you are best at solving problems! But how do you solve your own low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, migraine, stress, and other common health problems among office workers?

Solution: let me give you Företag Yoga - office Yoga classes that are right at your workplace, at your working time, and aim directly to most of your office health problems.

Working in an office, it is unavoidable that we sit a lot and while sitting, we tend to be in unhealthy postures, without being aware of. Also, it could be stressful, physically to the eyes and the brain, and mentally too. This affects our health and wellness in a bad way. I believe doing Yoga at least once a week can prevent body pains and problems, improve the health of the staff and therefore benefit the company.

FÖRETAG YOGA - Yoga Classes designed for Office include these elements:

  1. Concentration: Unlike concentrating on work, the Concentration we practice is the first step to Meditation. It calms down the mind and teaches our busy head how to be quiet.

  2. Breathe: Learn deep Yogic breaths to increase lung capacity and body metabolism: The breath is also an efficient tool to calm down and refresh that can be applied in every day.

  3. Yoga poses come in sequences: Get the body move in different shapes to improve your strength and stability. Get better blood and fluid circulation around your body and joints.

  4. Stretching Yoga poses: Become more flexible and gain a better range of movement. This step feels really amazing and relieving after long working hours.

  5. Relaxation: It’s actually a skill that we lack nowadays in the modern lifestyle. Calm and cool down. Let your body process the whole practice and ¨recharge¨ itself. This is an important skill you can carry with you to deal with tough situations.

My Yoga philosophy is simple and practical to everyday life:

Strengthen what is weak.

Stretch out what is tight.

Doing Yoga, you also gain Patience, Balance, and Concentration, all are advantages at work and life and that’s why I focus much on them.


I will send you details as soon as I can. All price are moms included.

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