Ha-My Le
yoga teacher in Malmö

I teach Yoga to beginners. Tight, weak people.

I solve their body & posture problems and make them strong, flexible and lively.

Vinyasa Yoga classes in Malmö​

I teach Vinyasa Yoga: putting together to make a Yoga class that leads to a purpose. I have defined my Yoga classes as ¨Yoga with benefits¨ where you can learn about your body and how it moves and apply to your daily life. Examples of what I have covered in my Yoga classes:

- How to use big muscles to bear bodyweight 

- Stability

- How to twist deeper

- Actions of the pelvis: anterior tilt and posterior tilt

- Principles of balance

- Hip flexor stretch

- Hamstrings stretch

- Backbend in a healthy way

- Introduction to arm balance

- Discover the core


My Yoga classes aim to teach Yoga beginners to understand how the body works, therefore master their body & mind.



1. I'm very stiff, I can't do Yoga

A stiff Yogi is a great Yogi. You get to taste all the sensations, the fire and the calmness of the Yoga class. Learn to stay calm and breathe through the stretch feeling, and you will gain that tool to stay calm in tough situations in real life. Best reason to do Yoga!

2. I'm very weak, I can't do Yoga

Do you want that feeling when you get more and more of the true power inside you? Start doing Yoga as a weak person and you will taste victory in each Yoga pose you do. Yoga is the best start for someone who has never trained, because of the slow and stable movement.

So many people in my Yoga classes started out as stiff or weak. Now they have all improved. Some are even doing crazy Yoga poses now.

3. I'm overweight, can I do Yoga?

Yoga is the best start for your training. Yoga is also beneficial to the joints and how you hold your body postures. Yoga is the kick start for you to fitness training. Yoga also lower stress and balance you from the inside, plus more patience and determination that make you last longer in training. So YES, PLEASE do Yoga.

4. I don't have time/money to do Yoga

I understand. That's why I create my Yoga classes without attachment. Booking is optional, come as you are, pay as you come. Drop-in any time for 125KR or get 5 classes for 500KR. If you are a bit late (traffic jam!), come in anyway.

If you want to do Yoga for free, sign up on this website for free mini classes.
You can also become Premium Member at 250SEK /month (or 25 euros)

I deeply understand how hard it is to put life together nowadays. That's why I don't want my Yoga class to be another stressful thing in life.

5. Can I lose weight by doing Yoga?

Yoga helps you lose weight because:
- It's physical training too. It's the best start for someone who hasn't trained.
- Yoga introduce mindfulness and calm to watch the body and mind. Being focus and present is the key to balance stress hormones - a crucial factor to gain weight and store fat.
- By being mindful and in total control of the body and mind, Yoga helps you observe and fix lifestyle and habits.