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Yoga is the journey of self discovery

The Body is the most precious gift we ever receive in our life time.

That's why I'm very into the Physical aspect of Yoga: the ASANA - to understand in a deep level how your body work. Take good care of our flesh and bones while we are here living this beautiful life.

And I believe mental and spiritual wellness rise from physical health.

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SOLAR Challenge by HaMyYoga

I help Yoga beginners LEVEL UP in Yoga poses without wasting the POTENTIAL they have and YEARS of practice.

Yoga is not a competition, but our body needs challenges to grow: bones, tissues and muscles all need a healthy stress to become stronger.

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About Ha-My 

Yoga Teacher from Vietnam, based in Malmö Sweden

Ha-My is a RYT500 Yoga teacher from Hanoi, Vietnam, and based in Malmö, Sweden.


Yoga is like anything else in life, if you have a clear target of what you want, you will go faster, progress faster, do it more effectively, and have a more meaningful time doing it.


There's no right or wrong. Only why you do it that way. And I will always explain to you WHY - that's the start of everything, from a Yoga class, to a prosperous life.


Do Yoga with me, break the bad habits of your body & mind, and start the stable, lifelong pursuit of health and wellness.


Yoga in Malmö with Ha-My


Ha My Yoga offers Vinyasa Yoga classes aim to visible results and benefits for the body (strength, flexibility, balance) and the mind (patience, balance, concentration).
Ha My Yoga has affordable Yoga activities in Malmö, Sweden with weekly Vinyasa Yoga classes in very large, bright and spacey studios in town. Join My Yogi Friends Malmö on FB.


Yoga Blog: Prop Up! How beginners can do ALL Yoga poses.

No matter how TIGHT you are.